Security of our homes is something we all take seriously.

Each night after I tucked my kids into bed, I’d go to our front door and deadbolt it. Many families install security systems to protect their property. Some, like me, have their trusted German Shepherd ready to scare away potential threats. Many Wisconsinites, myself included, have taken classes and have a gun ready to defend their homes — just in case.

Nothing is controversial about locking your door and securing your home. Securing our border shouldn’t be controversial, either.

For too long, criminals who wish to harm our nation have enjoyed nearly unfettered access to our communities because government hasn’t restricted entrance to America through our southern border.

Easy access for criminals through our southern states has to stop, and that’s why I stand firmly by both President Trump and Gov. Walker in support of sending National Guard troops to our southern border. We need to do all we can to prevent criminal illegals from making our families and neighbors victims.

Congress won’t take the necessary action to protect our country. Even in the most recent spending bill, they denied President Trump the funding he needs to get the job done by building the wall. So, it only makes sense to send in reinforcements who can help our courageous Border Patrol agents to protect us from drug smugglers and other violent criminals.

Our nation’s military is the greatest the world has known, and a strong defense starts right here at home. By sending our brightest and bravest to protect us from those who wish to wreak havoc and do harm right in our own backyard, we are be sending a strong message to the cartels and criminals who wish to prey on us that America means business.

The president and governors across the country who heed his call will also send an even stronger message to Congress that enough is enough. Border security is not controversial. It’s common sense. Protecting American assets — including our greatest asset, our people — should not be a partisan issue. Republicans, Democrats and Independents should all be able to agree that our citizens are entitled to safety at home.

I applaud President Trump for having the conviction to seek solutions to our border crisis while Congress drops the ball, and I applaud Gov. Walker for being willing to answer that call. Most importantly, I applaud the brave men and women of the Wisconsin National Guard who, if deployed, will no doubt serve our country and our state with pride and honor.

Tonight, when you head out to the grocery store or to dinner, and then turn in for the night, think about how silly it would be if your friends, neighbors, and even your representative in Congress took offense to you locking your door and protecting your home. Laughable, right?

Unfortunately, for the American people, our open United States border is no laughing matter. It’s time for Congress to wise up and realize this isn’t a joke.

State Sen. Leah Vukmir (R-Brookfield) represents the 5th Senate District and is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.
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