“If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” President Barack Obama

Following the school shooting massacre in Florida, I’ve reached a level of frustration with society’s response to school shootings.

…and learning that the community of Parkland, Florida is a safe city, where the residents knew Nikolas Cruz was a little off, the local school officials knew Nikolas Cruz was dangerous, fellow students knew, the local authorities knew of Nikolas Cruz, and even the FRICKIN FBI WAS CALLED…

I’ve had it!

I have two little kids and I’m married to a school teacher. I have several friends who are teachers and I’m tired of our schools becoming crime scenes. I’ve reached a boiling point! A point where I now believe it’s not a matter of if someone will shoot up a nearby school, but when?!

And what are we really doing about it?  Nothing!

Sure, the schools practice what to do in the event of an active shooter, and the educrats talk about “restorative justice” and “mental health,” and we bring in counselors, and blah blah blah.

The fact is the minute that a demented 19-year-old who can’t get laid shows up with an AR-15, he wins and dozens of kids are dead.

Then, before the bodies are even cold, our society jumps into a partisan political mode, with Liberal Democrats blaming the gun, blaming President Donald Trump and Republicans, and blaming the NRA, claiming they’ve got blood on their hands and don’t care about dead kids.

Republicans come out and say “our thoughts are prayers are with the victims” and talk about mental illness, while the gun owners of America flock to the local sporting goods store to stock up on three years of ammunition! “Barack Obama ain’t getting my guns!”

And while everyone is blaming everyone else, we as a society aren’t dealing with the problem that our schools have become unguarded killing zones. One thing every one of these school shootings has in common is, the schools are “Gun Free Zones.” They usually put a cute little sign out front to remind the shooter he can’t bring his AK-47 onto school property. Hell, we can’t even put a real knife in my kid’s lunch!

I want my wife and kids to be safe at school and I think it’s time we actually do something about it.

Following the 9/11 attacks, America instituted a program of air marshals. You don’t know who they are, but they’re out there on planes. They’re undercover law enforcement, armed, to protect commercial airlines from hijacking. We instated tighter security at airports, and the results have been working.

Many schools, including here in my hometown, are improving the safety of the schools. They’re installing one main central entrance, where you must be buzzed in to enter the building, but I think we need to go farther. It’s time that the schools, sadly, install bulletproof glass and have armed security. Whether that’s law enforcement or faculty trained in firearm safety, I want someone, or someones, who can shoot back; ending the threat, and minimizing the loss of innocent life. And while it won’t be cheap, I’m sick of our kids and teachers being sitting ducks for deranged gunmen, and if we have to raise taxes to pay for these security upgrades, my frustration is so deep that I’m willing to do it.

While the left and right argue over gun control, the Second Amendment, and what we as a broader society need to do; we’re arguing over long-term solutions that never happen anyway. Securing our schools and not accepting that our schools have to be killing fields is a way to fight back immediately.

While this will cause liberals’ heads to explode, I believe it’s time to level the field, it’s time to bring a gun to a gunfight.

Finally, while the left laments their inability to ban guns, I notice they’re not crowing about their one major victory in all this: At least you liberals can take comfort knowing you’ve banned GOD from our public schools.

How’s that going?

Rohn W. Bishop is Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County and a very frustrated parent.


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