Once again, our panel of pundits tread where angels fear to follow, peering into the mists of time to try to predict the future. Sometimes with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks, we’ve put the future in pixel form.

If you want to see how well our forecasters did last year, most of them did better than your favorite meteorologist (or Al Gore). Nonetheless, we caution you with the words of the famous philosopher Ringo Starr, “Tomorrow never knows.”

So, as always, please, no wagering.

George Mitchell

George Mitchell is a former journalist, a school choice advocate, a public policy consultant and a RightWisconsin contributor.

John Durham will become well-known.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly will win a full term.

The Packers’ season will end in Santa Clara (I HATE that location for the San Francisco 49ers).

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty will continue to pack a punch.

As Milwaukee’s pioneering school choice program turns 30, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will maintain its embargo on positive choice (and charter) school news.

Jay Weber is the host of the Jay Weber Show on News/Talk 1130 AM WISN.

The Milwaukee Bucks will be national champions for the first time since 1971.

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate will rise to about 4% on Governor Ever’s watch. Dems will still try to blame Scott Walker and the Republican legislature.

Tom Barrett’s trolley will prove to be so popular that he will talk about putting double-decker street cars into service. Okay, for real: Before 2020 ends, the City of Milwaukee will be dealing with homeless people pooping on the street cars and using them as shelter on bad weather days. It will further sour people’s desire to ride them even more.

NeverTrumper James Wigderson will decide Trump’s America isn’t so bad and will come off the sidelines to be an active backer for his re-election.

Joe Biden will have his upper plate fall out of his mouth during a rope-line event, scaring small children.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will slug it out to the very end of the primary process, with Biden getting the nomination, and a very angry group of Bernie supporters vowing to stay home rather than vote for Uncle Joe.

President Trump will be re-elected in what can be called a legitimate landslide. He will win at least 36 of the 50 states.

Scott Fitzgerald will coast to victory and take over for Jim Sensenbrenner in congress, but an ugly battle to replace him at GOP Senate Leader will follow. Brookfield Sen. Dale Kooyenga will end up with it.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will ask what a bread maker is.

Pundit Brian Fraley will continue to lose weight, and will get down to his original weight of 7lbs, 10 ozs.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty and Rick Esenberg will win the stand-off over purging Wisconsin’s voter rolls.

WISN’s Mark Belling will decide that even four days a week is more than he wants to work, and will shock the local media market with a surprise retirement.

WTMJ will finally admit their talk product doesn’t work and turn that station into SportsTalk as well, leaving the Milwaukee market with SIX low rated sports stations.

Steve Prestegard is the author of  The Presteblog.

Having a startling number of correct predictions (Evers’ administrative incompetence, double-digit Democratic candidates for president) more or less correct, here goes 2020, a year in which if you think politics is bad today, just you wait:

This is actually a prediction I’ve had for a few years: A prominent American politician will be assassinated this year, and a fight between supporters and opponents of a politician or candidate will be killed. Neither event will change the poisonous political culture of this country.Trump continues to be Trump. Some are surprised; no one should be.

The state politics theme few are noticing will continue to be the Evers administration’s administrative incompetence. Sara Meaney will be rejected by the Senate as tourism secretary. More instances of violation of the state’s Open Records Law will be discovered.

More Wisconsin counties join the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, afraid of what Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul will do to gun owners with a Democratic-controlled Legislature.

The week before the Democratic National Convention comes to Milwaukee, a Washington Post story will compare Milwaukee to the nation’s worst slums, and not favorably. It will be blamed on former Gov. Scott Walker. The New York Times will interview non-Milwaukeeans about the DNC and will conclude that outstate Wisconsin is a bunch of bitter hicks clinging to their guns and religion.

After Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama decline to run for president, Joe Biden will get the Democratic nomination for president, and pick Elizabeth Warren, even though they can’t stand each other. Biden’s win will be another DNC fix, which Comrade Sanders will bellyache about, though again nothing will result. The DNC in Milwaukee will be determined to be a net financial loser for the state, but again no one will care.

After being rejected by her party’s voters Tulsi Gabbard will run for president as an independent, but gets no electoral votes and influences no state’s elections. 

In Wisconsin, Tom Tiffany will replace Sean Duffy, and Scott Fitzgerald will replace Jim Sensenbrenner in Congress. Ron Kind will be reelected despite going against the wishes of (according to polls) a majority of Wisconsinites and voting for Trump’s impeachment. The GOP will hold on to both houses of the Legislature, setting up a budget battle for 2021. Even though Evers is as bad a governor as this state has ever had based on his one year in office, he won’t be recalled. Unfortunately.

Trump’s impeachment trial ends in Trump’s acquittal by the Senate, to the surprise of no one. Both sides claim victory.

The presidential election gets thrown into the House of Representatives because of a dispute over electoral votes, which throws the House into disarray because of a dispute over which party controls the House due to close Congressional elections. With multiple court fights the U.S. heads into 2021 not knowing who will be the next president … as if it matters.

The economy will continue to grow because it’s an election year, pushing the inevitable recession back to 2021, a recession that will be blamed on whoever won the presidential election.

General Motors finally builds the C8 Corvette, only to have to recall all of them due to a problem stemming from the car’s mid-engine design, a technology GM can’t properly produce.

Wisconsin will lose the Rose Bowl, and in the continuing conspiracy of major sports leagues to make sure no Wisconsin team ever wins anything, no Wisconsin sports team will even get to the championship round of its league.

The Brewers will have a losing record after trading Josh Hader to the Yankees, resulting in the Brewers’ having the largest number of blown saves in baseball. 

If you think 2020 is bad, wait until …

Steve Scaffidi is the host of The Steve Scaffidi Show on 620 AM WTMJ radio.

As I sit down to write my predictions for 2020, I’m reminded that my mantra for next year is to R-E-L-A-X (special thanks to Aaron Rodgers, although a few years after he initially laid out that advice). With political tensions rising everyday in this country, that will be one tough task.

When you’re on the radio everyday, one tends to offer predictions on a variety of topics almost daily, but here’s a quick reference guide for 2020 that you can skewer me with in January 2021.

President Trump – The President will spend less time than he should on the campaign side of things in 2020, although his nomination for the race is a forgone conclusion. He will also spend less time on domestic policy, as Democrats will refuse to work on any meaningful issue out of fear of boosting the president’s chances in November. The president will instead focus much of his time and energy on emerging points of conflict around the world. Syria, Iran, Iraq, and yes, Afghanistan. Expect a serious terrorist incident both internationally and domestically, one that could potentially rally Americans and, at least for a brief moment, force them to support the president and the country, without the blatant anger and bias of politics.

Democrats – I’ve said it all throughout 2019 on my radio show, and nothing I’ve seen all year suggests otherwise, but I think Joe Biden will be the Democrat’s nominee for President in November 2020. He may not even win the primary in Wisconsin (that will probably go to the perpetually disheveled Bernie Sanders) but expect his nomination in Milwaukee in July to be a somewhat tumultuous affair, both internally, as the plethora of failed candidates all try to get their moment in the spotlight, and as Milwaukee struggles on a few fronts to put on one of the largest events in our city’s history. He’ll pick Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, or another woman to be his running mate. He won’t pick a Republican to be his vice president, as the far left would never forgive him. 

November 2020 – I believe the election for president will be as close as ever, with Joe Biden narrowly defeating President Trump, although Trump will win the state of Wisconsin by less than 15,000 votes. Expect significant legal action against President Trump following his defeat, with cases languishing in the courts for months, if not years. The nightly political talking head shows will shift seamlessly from election to “scandal” coverage in a somewhat laughable attempt to stay relevant. Rachel Maddow will leave MSNBC late 2020 or early 2021. (Did you know she’s a Rhodes Scholar?)

Milwaukee Mayor – Mayor Tom Barrett will win reelection, but not by as significant a margin as he has in the past. State Senator Lena Taylor, will come up just short. It will be his last term as mayor. Senator Taylor, will however, make the race significantly less boring. 

Supreme Court – Speaking of Barretts, President Trump will get one more opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, and he will nominate Amy Coney Barrett, Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. Democrats will push off any attempts to move the nomination forward pending the results of the November election. It will also force some of the loudest opponents of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to reassess their strategies when it comes to attacking justices, as the “I believe her” strategy won’t work here. 

Sports – Might as well be big and bold here. The Milwaukee Bucks will be one of two professional sports franchises in Wisconsin to win world championships in 2020. Leaving the other spot to the Packers or the Brewers. Expect Giannis to win his second consecutive MVP award. Illinois, Minnesota and Michigan fans will be forced one again to acknowledge there is something in that beer and cheese. Sportswriters will continue to push back against fans who have opinions on social media, responding to sportswriters having opinions on social media. 

Local Radio – Expect to hear more female voices on the radio in Milwaukee in 2020. And for yours truly on my 620WTMJ radio show, expect more interviews featuring diversity in all areas of relevance, you know, like the real world. Radio is changing in Milwaukee in a number of significant ways. It’s not 2016 anymore!

Jay Miller, of Whitefish Bay, is a tax attorney and is a Badger Institute visiting fellow.

Irrepressible developer Rick Barrett will declare yet again that he almost has secured the financing needed to start construction on The Couture. And, city and county officials will continue to voice their support — primarily because they are too embarrassed to admit they have been hoodwinked by a flim-flam artist..

Speaking of fiascos, Foxconn will hire three employees and then argue they qualify for tax credits.

Republicans will retain the two open Congressional seats. Interestingly, one of them, the 7th, used to be represented by Dave Obey, an all-in populist Democrat. Now the district is gung ho for populist Donald Trump. Funny how populist voters don’t pay much attention to party labels.

Dan Kelly will be convincingly elected in the spring to retain his seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Though a question in future political trivia games, no one will be able to name the candidates who ran against him.

Glendale mayor Bryan Kennedy will be the surprise winner in the race for Milwaukee County executive. Voters coalesce around an “Anybody But Chris Larson” theme. Also, exit polling shows that the public couldn’t countenance voting for someone named Theo.

The Milwaukee Bucks will win the NBA Championship next spring, but the Packers will lose in the first or second round of their playoffs. On the positive side, Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick will announce they have given up their Malibu mansion in favor of living next door to Mike McCarthy in Green Bay.

Donald Trump won’t be convicted by the Senate on impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Yet, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule by June that he must turn over his financial papers and personal tax returns to Congress. Which will make people forget all about Ukraine.

The Democrats will end the primary season in a muddled mess. After 104 ballots at the convention in Milwaukee (breaking the previous record set during the 1924 Democratic convention) and countless hours spent at local bars ‘til 4 a.m., the Democrats in a fit of exhaustion finally will pick the ticket of Biden and Klobuchar. They will campaign on the theme of “As Goes the Upper Midwest, So Goes the Nation”.

The Biden-Klobuchar ticket indeed will carry the upper Midwest and go on to win the election. But Trump refuses to relinquish his office, claiming fraudulent voting and a deep-state conspiracy. Finally, a Navy Seals squad forcibly removes him, taking him to Trump International Hotel down the street, where he is put under house arrest.

Post-election, the stock market begins a precipitous decline as capitalists and free market followers worry that Biden-Klobuchar will actually try to implement some of the dim-witted economic plans they touted during the primaries.

In the wake of the Trump disaster, Nikki Haley takes on the mantle of titular head of the Republican party as it slowly begins its rise from the ashes. She goes on to become president in 2024. Finally, all is right in the world.

From Facebook

Brian Fraley is a former managing editor of Right Wisconsin, the President of Edge Messaging, and a political consultant.

Today, January 2nd, marks the fifth anniversary of my firm, Edge Messaging. Fifty percent of all small business fail to reach this milestone, so my New Year’s celebration is a day longer and a bit more meaningful this year. 

Nevertheless, I took some time to look into my cracked crystal ball. 
Cracked? Well, see I’ve had a pretty good track record with my RW predicitions over the years…and then 2019 happened.

Rather than make specific, bullet point predictions this year, I will offer my take on a few subjects, with a little context (and caveats). Here goes…

I believe the economy will continue to be strong in 2020, in part because of a pull-back on tariffs and in part because the Fed keeps propping things up with lower interest rates and more easing. Yet, I remain wildly concerned about Q1 2021, regardless of who wins the presidential election. 

On that note, the Democrats propensity to screw up a two-foot putt has been on full display this last year. Every minor slight was an outrage turned up to 11. The electorate is numb. The impeachment process is muddled. I believe Trump is likely to be re-elected based on judges and jobs and the Democrats failure to nominate a non-socialist candidate with a positive vision.  

Barring a massive armed conflict abroad or unexpected economic collapse at home, I don’t expect majorities to change in either house of Congress. In Wisconsin, the GOP keeps their legislative majorities. 

Legalized pot nationwide is only a matter of time. The world does not end. However, in 2020 we begin to see society struggle with a rise of workplace accidents and impaired driving. On the plus side, new billionaires are created when small businesses create affordable breathalyzers that can detect THC impairment. 

Let’s hope 2020 marks a turning pint wherein sports once again become a respite from, not a crucible for, politics. This is the Bucks‘ year to win it all. Wisconsin’s other pro sports teams, however, will not repeat 2019’s successes. But they’ll remain competitive and fun to watch. 

Finally, our humble Editor, James Wigderson, likes us to stretch and make at least one out-of-the box prediction. So here is mine:

A brokered DNC convention in Milwaukee!

Kevin Binversie is a freelance writer and a former Web Editor at RightWisconsin.

General / Political Predictions
I will perform substantially worse on my 2020 predictions than I did on my 2019 predictions.

One of the biggest memes of the year will be footage of Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters saying “This is 20/20,” as far too many people have fun with the name of the long-running ABC News magazine and the year 2020.

Speaking of word play and the year 2020, the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” is completely overused by March.

Thinking it gives them a narrative advantage, House Democrats delay delivering their articles of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate until after he delivers his State of the Union Address in early February.

To the shock of no one, the Senate votes to acquit Trump.

Tom Tiffany is the next congressman for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

It’s a close race, but Dan Kelly survives and wins a full 10-year term on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

The incompetence of Governor Tony Evers’ administration continues. Whether it gets reported is another question.

The Democratic presidential primary wraps up faster than everyone thinks.

The DNC Convention in Milwaukee becomes a logistical nightmare for the 20-plus state delegations who must travel every day of the convention from Chicago-area hotels. Think pieces and discussion about “Why didn’t they use more hotels in Wisconsin?” plague the media coverage.

The 2020 presidential election makes the 2016 version look like a picnic as both sides take negative political polarization to its limit. Both campaigns decide “Voting against the other guy” is a sounder strategy than “Voting for us.”

Trump continues to prove he’s the reverse-Obama; i.e. he’s good for electing only himself while the rest of his party burns beneath him.

Sports / Entertainment Predictions

The Bucks reach the NBA Finals, but comes up short for the title. Giannis signs a “Max Deal” with the team and promises to deliver a championship in 2021.

Disney announces LucasFilm chief Kathleen Kennedy’s “retirement” and proceeds to name “Star Wars: Clone Wars” showrunner Dave Filoni as the new creative head of the “Star Wars” franchise. This pleases fans who will wonder why Disney hadn’t done it sooner.

The video game console wars erupt in November as Sony and Microsoft launch their “next-gen” hardware for gamers. Nintendo counters with new installments in the “Mario” and “Zelda” franchises.

The Brewers season is a mixed bag with another late season run for the playoffs for the NL Wild Card.

The Ravens win Super Bowl LVI over the 49ers.

Tom Brady returns for one more season with the Patriots, but he will wish he hadn’t as his 43-year-old skills continue to diminish.

Disney discovers Disney+ is not the immediate “Netflix Killer” they believed it would be as subscribers come for the new shows, not the well-publicized library from “The Vault.”

A movie no one saw will win “Best Picture” at the Oscars.

Eric Brooks is a member of the Wisconsin Young Republicans, a grassroots volunteer for Waukesha County and Milwaukee County GOP. Follow him on Twitter at @EBrooksUncut for largely sports/political hot takes.

1.) Scott Fitzgerald becomes the 5th District’s new congressman, sparking a contested battle for leadership positions in the Republican controlled State Senate. 

If Fitzgerald wins, his departure for Washington would mark the end of a decade long reign as the Senate Majority Leader. With this departure, it is likely that there will be a contested fight for leadership within the Republican caucus. The presumptive frontrunner for this position would be Roger Roth (R-Appleton), who currently serves as President of the Senate.

But could we also see someone else step up to challenge him? Sen. Chris Kapenga, when deciding against a run for Congress, hinted at the possibility of going after Fitzgerald’s post as well as a potential run for Governor in 2022. Senators Steve Nass or Duey Stroebel, vocal critics of the legislature’s budget process, would also make a lot of sense. If the budget battles are any indication, I wouldn’t expect this shakeup to happen quietly.

2.) The Packers don’t win the Super Bowl…yet.

I believe the Packers WILL win a Super Bowl under Matt LaFleur…just not in 2020. The job that LaFleur has done as a rookie coach has been spectacular. Taking a team that had missed the playoffs back to back years with a less than stellar receiving corps and a remarkably average version of Aaron Rodgers to a first round bye in the playoffs is impressive. They may be one of the worst 13-3 teams on paper, but they just manage to win. Ultimately though, I think the talent gap will catch up to them in the postseason and LaFleur will fall short this year. But regardless of what happens, the Packers are in great shape under their new leadership.

3.) The Brewers will finish below .500 and Josh Hader will not be a Brewer by the end of the year.

With this prediction comes the caveat that I’m writing it on December 30th, and that there is still plenty of time in the offseason for David Stearns to make a big move and send the Brewers to their third straight postseason. But as the roster stands now, there are a lot more questions than answers and it’s hard to see this current team finishing any better than third in the NL Central. This pains me to say as a diehard Brewer fan, but the most exciting part of the offseason so far has been the new uniforms.

The big question is whether or not we will see All Star reliever Josh Hader in one of those beautiful cream jerseys. Stearns has been listening to offers on Hader, and there appears to be multiple teams interested. If he trades Hader, it would likely yield at least 2-3 top prospects from whichever team is involved. Whether this trade happens before Opening Day, at the trade deadline, or next winter, a Josh Hader trade seems inevitable.

4.) Lena Taylor becomes Mayor of Milwaukee.

Don’t you know who she is? Well if you don’t know who the fiery Milwaukee state senator is by now, you will when she defeats Tom Barrett to become the new Mayor of Milwaukee. While State Rep David Crowley and Alderman Tony Zielinsky are significant challengers, none of them come with the resume and notoriety that Lena Taylor does. She has been in the state legislature since 2003 and has been a vocal critic of Barrett’s policies in Milwaukee over the years, specifically targeting him for how his policies affect predominately black communities. She is set up nicely to defeat Barrett in 2020 if she survives the primary.

5.) There will be at least one trolley involved incident during the DNC.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Tom Barrett (assuming my previous prediction is right), this happens. The one thing that has defined Tom Barrett’s legacy is the idiotic streetcar. With the added amount of traffic in the city, especially from out of state drivers who might not have experience navigating around that monstrosity, it’s reasonable to predict that there will be at least one accident involving the streetcar during the DNC.

6.) Tony Evers retires as Governor, becomes a professional Pickleball player instead.

Tony Evers’ claim to fame before becoming Governor of Wisconsin was serving as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. As was the case with many of the students in public schools in Wisconsin during that time, I haven’t learned a whole lot during Evers’ first year as governor. The one new thing I did learn is that there is a game called Pickleball that exists, and it is apparently the only thing Governor Evers does while he isn’t governing (or ignoring open records requests). 

7.) Republicans flip the 3rd Congressional District…if Jason Church is the nominee.

Okay, this isn’t so much a prediction as it is fantasy booking an election. Kind’s district is one of only thirteen districts in the country held by Democrats that Donald Trump won in 2016. And with Kind’s “yes” vote on impeachment, he may have just sealed his fate. Between the numerous protests outside of his Eau Claire office, the fact that he was the last member of the House to decide his vote, or the video of Kind yelling at and grabbing the camera of a tracker at an event, it’s clear that Kind is feeling the heat.

Despite Kind’s 20+ year tenure, this seat is winnable for Republicans with the right candidate…and that candidate is Jason Church. Jason Church is a former LaCrosse football standout, a Ron Johnson staffer, and an Afghan War veteran. He is a young, energetic, and refreshing candidate for office.

The problem is that he is currently running for the 7th Congressional District, left vacant by Sean Duffy’s shocking retirement in 2019. While Church definitely has a lot of support in the 7th, the state party brass has lined up behind Church’s opponent, Sen. Tom Tiffany. While Church has faced some legitimate criticisms over his flip-flopping on Davis-Bacon, he is still an impressive and likable candidate who would play well in the 3rd. It would be easy for him to say that, while running for the 7th is important, it’s more important for him to return home and give his community a Congressman who won’t vote against the will of the people. 

8.) Donald Trump wins re-election, and does it with a bigger margin than he did in 2016.

This just seems inevitable at this point, but a lot can change within a year. That said, we know that this election is likely going to be decided here in Wisconsin and most polls seem to indicate strong support for Trump in the state. The last two Marquette Law Polls have shown Trump leading the major candidates, while also showing that impeachment is especially unpopular amongst independents. It’s eerily similar to the recall efforts in 2011/2012.

On top of that, the far-left policies of the current Democratic field simply don’t play well in the Midwest. I can’t see someone like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders winning over swing voters in Wisconsin or Minnesota. And I can’t see someone like Joe Biden picking a running mate who would be moderate enough to appeal to us either.

Like many people, I was in shock when President Trump won Wisconsin and the Presidency in 2016. I won’t be that shocked when he does it again in 2020.

David Blaska, Blogger, Madison conservative, and lord of Stately Blaska Manor.

An Aaron Rodgers pass knocks Bill Belichick’s spy drone down to the field in Super Bowl LIV.

Taking mercy on headline writers, Giannis Antetokounmpo changes his legal name to Johnny άλφα (Alpha).

Rather than transmit to the Senate, Nancy Pelosi stores articles of impeachment in Al Gore’s rusted-out lockbox.

James Clapper, John Brennan, and Andrew McCabe dismissed as talking heads on CNN and MSNBC after their indictments. James Comey disappears into witness protection program.

Gov. Tony Evers puts on so much weight he is nicknamed “Tiny.” Says his eating disorder began after legislature rejected his third nominee for agriculture secretary.

It is revealed that Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes never finished his Boy Scout merit badge, either.

Trump announces rally at UW-Madison’s Kohl Center. Exploding heads detected on weather radar.

Nicolas Maduro endorses Elizabeth Warren.

Trey Gowdy succeeds the Notorious R.G.B. on the Supreme Court.

Rudy Giuliani takes board of directors seat at Burisma.

Gordon Sondland named ambassador to Antarctica.

Ukraine impeaches President Zelensky after his phone call asking Trump for a return favor.

Wisconsin tissue mills organize relief shipments of toilet paper to San Francisco.

Promising Brewers season starts out 0 and 5 before realizing no one is playing first base. Jesus Aguilar hits 50 home runs for Tampa Bay.

Army-Navy surplus stores in Milwaukee sell out of gas masks and helmets the week of July 13-16.

Swedish third-grader gives keynote address at Democratic National Convention. In Swedish.

The all-Midwest nice ticket of Klobuchar/Buttigieg loses to Mike Pence and Nikki Haley after Waukesha county clerk remembers to submit Brookfield’s results. Democrats sue in court.

Donald Trump, having declined a second term, purchases Little Cayman island (population 270) from Boris Johnson’s government and starts new cult. A high-end cult.

Owen Robinson is a blogger at Boots and Sabers.

This year was a bit of an anomaly with most of my predictions being correct. I’m sure that I will return to form next year. Here goes:

Carrie Underwood will win the Entertainer of the Year award from the Country Music Association. If not Carrie, it definitely won’t be a dude after the CMAs took so much heat in 2019 or failing to honor a woman.

2020 will see the first major political scandal that results from a politician saying something stupid/racist/sexist/illegal/etc. that is recorded by a smart speaker and leaked.

LSU will win the College Football National Championship.

Preparing for the inevitable, the Green Bay Packers draft a quarterback.

2020 will end with the Democratic National Committee still owing money to Milwaukee and Wisconsin for the costs of their convention.

Speaking of the Democratic Convention, Senator Tammy Baldwin will not be given a prominent speaking slot despite the convention occurring in her home state.

After Scott Fitzgerald wins a seat in Congress, State Senator Van Wanggaard is elected to be the next Senate Majority Leader.

Scheduled lock closures on the Illinois River will last longer than scheduled causing a small spike in corn and soybean prices.

Governor Tony Evers will finally beat his wife at pickleball.

The United Kingdom’s economy will boom after they leave the European Union.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be the biggest movie of the year.

The Sprint & T-Mobile merger will pass legal challenges and be completed.

Despite increasing the age at which people can buy vaping products to 21, more people will die from vaping in 2020 than in any previous year.

Finally, the wave of populism continues with the reelection of President Trump.

Rohn Bishop

Rohn Bishop is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Fond du Lac County. The views expressed are his own.

Happy New Year everyone! Before I give my bold predictions for 2020 I’d like to thank all of you who’ve read my columns on RightWisconsin. I appreciate it.

The Green Bay Packers make it to the NFC Conference Game, but get slaughtered by the 49ers.

The Milwaukee Bucks make the Finals.

The Republican legislature will barely meet in 2020. Other than the media’s obsession over it, no one in the general public will even notice.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin will move in and all but take over the Dan Kelly campaign. The RPW will tie Kelly’s re-election to President Trump’s primary. Just like in the May 2012 recall election primary, when Scott Walker received as many votes as all the Democrats combined, Republican voters will swarm the polls, because it’ll be the first chance they get to cast a vote for President Trump and show they “Still Stand with Donald Trump” though out all this silly impeachment nonsense. That spike in Republican turnout will carry Dan Kelly through to victory.

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes will work to raise his profile as rumors of Governor Evers likely not seeking re-election gather steam.

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski still won’t have anything to do. The press will still pretend she does.

Secretary of State Doug La Follette announces that after 46 years of all but destroying the office he will not seek a 13th term. He will ask Evers if he can keep the parking stall for his sports car.

Speaker Robin Vos will run a Republican candidate in all 99 Assembly Districts, shrinking the Democrats popular vote total to almost even –taking away a Democratic talking point on Gerrymandering.

After kicking the tires on multiple candidates, the Democrats will settle on good ol’ Uncle Joe, and nominate Vice President Biden. Biden will promise to serve only one term, and to be a boring “caretaker” President. They’ll be no bold ideas, just a promise to govern the country day to day without all the Twitter and drama of President Trump. This will be a much stronger campaign message than you think as you read this.

At the Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee, Joe Biden selects Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin to be his running mate.

The fall election will be close, much closer than it should be, largely because Trump will continue to say and do things that turn off suburban women. But history and a booming economy will carry him through to a narrow victory. Trump will again lose the national popular vote. He will also lose the states of Pennsylvania and Arizona, but will hold, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and add Minnesota to his column taking the Electoral College 284-253. Trump will be only the third president to be re-elected with fewer electoral votes and the first to serve two terms and never win the popular vote.

GOP will hold the Senate 52-48 and will cut into the Dems house majority, but won’t take the majority.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce her retirement.

In Wisconsin the GOP picks up two Senate seats and two assembly seats.

Foxconn continues to build and hire.

Finally, the Milwaukee Brewers will hover slightly over the .500 mark and be in third place until September, when they will go 21-4 and again make the postseason.

Doreen Wigderson is President of RightWisconsin, is the wife of Editor of RightWisconsin James Wigderson, and a dog rescue warrior.

Donald Trump will win the presidential election and he will win Wisconsin because both sides are angry at Governor Tony Evers.

The Hop will break down due to no money for maintenance during the Democratic National Convention.

Milwaukee Public Schools will pass the school funding referendum. The higher property taxes will cause the largest exodus from the city ever.

Justice Dan Kelly will win election to a full term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

My husband, Editor James Wigderson, will spend the first half of the upcoming Brewers season trying to learn the players’ names.

James Wigderson is the editor and publisher of RightWisconsin.

President Donald Trump will be the first president to be impeached twice. Republicans will not have a Col. Nicholson moment and Trump will be acquitted by the U.S. Senate both times.

Democrats could win the White House with a promise to “return to normalcy.” Since that won’t happen, Trump will win Wisconsin in November. Democrats will blame Canada.

Bernie Sanders will win the Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primary. Joe Biden will win the nomination when the delegates gather in Milwaukee.

Protesters at the Democratic National Convention will smash windows along Old World Third Street, Water Street and around Cathedral Square. Paul Krugman will explain in a column how this will contribute to economic growth.

Republicans will maintain control of both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature. Sen. Tom Tiffany and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald will win in the 7th and 5th congressional districts. Democrats will blame redistricting.

Despite a vicious personal smear (it’s coming) by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Gov. Tony Evers’ election date manipulations in the 7th congressional district, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly will be elected to a full term.

Productivity will fall and unemployment will rise in Wisconsin due to the legalization of marijuana in Illinois. Legalized pot in neighboring states will become a traffic nightmare in border counties due to people driving while high.

Democrats will wistfully look back to the “good old days” of Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton.

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